With the increased use of digital communication

(which we are using more and more now during the pandemic),

the 2019-2020 State Board decided to establish a new state committee ~ Technology

Because we could not hold a convention this year, the committee members were

appointed by the President and approved by the 2020-2021 Board.


  The members are Beth Staples, PSP, M; Laura Vriesema, M and Beth Gammie, PSP, W .

These women have already been meeting virtually and setting forth goals for the year. 

Visit this page often and discover what this committee can do for you!



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~ A Message from the Newly Formed State Technology Committee ~

June 2020

**CLICK HERE for a PDF copy of this message**

In these new times of quarantine and self-distancing, more and more of our personal interactions are occurring virtually in the digital world.  This is also true in the new world of P.E.O. as chapters are meeting via video conferencing to handle specific voting matters, have a digital cocktail hour, or just take the opportunity to see each other.  Varying levels of computer proficiency and comfort can make this digital world daunting for some.  Your local chapter technology chair, who has been your resource at the local level, is now joined by a newly appointed, ad-hoc state level Technology Committee.


Comprised of Beth Staples, PSP/M, Laura Vriesema, M, and Beth Gammie, PSP/W,  the state Technology Committee’s first order of business is to create and maintain the external digital storage of the state officers' digital materials.  State board officers use specific gmail accounts (, etc.) to conduct the day-to-day business of their offices.  While the officers change positions annually, the email account for the office remains the same.  This means that when you want to email the organizer, you simply use the email address and don’t have to remember a personal address for the current office holder. 


Linked to these gmail accounts is free cloud storage in the account’s associated GDrive.  For the last couple of years, state officers have been archiving their materials in folders housed within these associated GDrives – only certain required items are hard copied for archive storage.   This has resulted in more uniformity of our records and has lessened the need to transfer bins of information from one officer to another. 


Since even your state officers have varying comfort levels with this new technology, this new state level Technology Committee was created specifically to assist state officers when needed and to archive the information stored in the digital GDrive accounts into an external digital storage device for added security.  Since items in the cloud can inadvertently be deleted with just a click, the state board wanted to make sure that a physical digital backup was maintained.


Additionally, the committee will assist state board officers and state committee chairs, when needed, in navigating the digital requirements of their positions.  We don’t want a sister’s level of computer proficiency to limit her ability to grow in the Sisterhood.  The committee will also maintain the state's closed FaceBook page, facilitate state officers' online video conference meetings and workshops, and be a resource for state convention committees and local chapter technology chairs.  


As we continue to be sequestered, look for emails from the state Technology Committee with links to videos and other materials that your chapters can use for digital “watch parties” and program discussions.  P.E.O.s in cyberspace – more news to follow… 

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